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Welcome to SimpleIOT

What if you could go from this:

To this:

In 30 minutes (or less)?

Here's the short version:


(Open Terminal)

> pip3 install simpleiot-cli
> iot toolchain install
(Wait 5m)

> iot cloud install
(Wait 15m)

> export IOT_TEAM=my-team
> export IOT_WIFI_SSID="{your wifi SSID}"
> export IOT_WIFI_PASSWORD="{your wifi password}"

iot auth login
iot project add --name=SensorDemo --template=sensordemo
iot device add --project=SensorDemo --model=SensorDemoModel --serial=SD-0001
iot firmware generate --project=SensorDemo --serial=SD-0001 --name=sensordemo

(Unbox Starter Kit. Plug in sensors and wires: 5m)

iot firmware flash
(Wait 5m)

(Check watch. 👊🏻)

There are so many things you can do:

Check your AWS account. Your cloud infrastructure should look like this:

🏆 Congratulations!

You just built an end-to-end, secure, connected device that can send data to the cloud in real-time.

... In your own account.

... Where you own all the code and data.

... 100% Open-Source.


Best part: since you've already installed the bits above, your next idea will take even less time.

If you haven't picked up a Starter Kit yet, you can purchase one here.

Let's take a peek under the hood...